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There are a number of people who focus solely on their academics and nothing else. While school work is important, extracurricular activities also play an important role in a child's life. Extracurricular activities offer a wide range of opportunities and benefits. Doing something outside of school helps children to “explore
Being Focused – Balancing Academics And Extra-Curricular Activities By Staff Writer It can be a challenge to strike the right balance between academics and extra-curricular activities when you are trying to manage both. On one hand, you've got your parents and teachers expecting you to excel in academics; and on the
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Read this full essay on Education and Extracurricular Activities. There are a number of people who focus solely on their academics and nothing else. While sc...
The first paper entitled "High School Extracurricular Activities and College Grades" by Mary Rombokas studies the relationship between high academic marks and involvement in extracurricular activities. This article includes a survey performed by Rombokas on this subject. The second article referenced was "Student
It is important for adolescents to participate in extracurricular activities. Student who participate in these activities improve their academic scores and social life. Extracurricular activities can also help reduce many peer pressure related problems. “They enrich the lives of the students, their families and our communities.
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